Here is a very short introduction to a few projects that outline previous and potential projects.

Integration of EEV control in a Heat Pump Application

RefXp was able to integrate its evaporation control algorithm into a Heat Pump manufacturers software to facilitate the shift from traditional mechanical valve control (TXV) to electronic expansion valve (EEV) control. The project consisted of main parts: integration the algorithm into the existing control software for the heat pump and fine tuning of the controller for the specific evaporator used in production.

See: EEV control, Embedded integration,  System analysis


Integration of EEV control in a mobile refrigeration setting

RefXP was able to help a mobile unit manufacturer to change from mechnical control (TXV) to electronic control (EEV) of the evaporator in a product line. The main task in the project was the implementation of RefXPs control algorithm into the existing software base of the manufacturer and validation of operation in a before/after scenario.

See: EEV control, Embedded integration,  System analysis


Data analysis of operation of refrigeration plants

For a costumer RefXP used state-of-the-art analysis tools to evaluate the performance of a refrigeration system and deliver a report of the system performance and suggested changes and their potential effect.



Costumer specific embedded process control solution

For a process control application RefXP was able to develop and implement a controller on an embedded platform to solve a specific control issue. The controller fitted into the costumers existing SCADA system and helped to realize saving by more accurate process control and integrated work flow.



Refrigeration Rack design sparring

RefXP was able to help an OEM with design sparring concerning the selection of components (Compressors, Valves, Ejectors) and system design. RefXPs contribution consisted of (among other deliverables) an analysis of the expected operation of a set of different compressor selections. This helped the final user select a more expensive configuration with the knowledge that the ROI was significant in therms of improved operation.