RefXP is a company delivering refrigeration expertise and know-how. RefXP was founded in 2016 with a simple purpose:

How can we make it much easier to switch to natural refrigerants? 

Our answer is working across 3 fields: Refrigeration, Control Engineering and Embedded programming. Our track record involves some of the most energy efficient and robust refrigeration controllers on the market. We use a mix of experience and state-of-the-art technologies to deliver control solutions that work in practice. We use our refrigeration know-how to help design the best possible solution.

Through our partners we can provide additional regulatory support for costumers considering natural and/or flammable refrigerants.

RefXP have the expertise to help you optimize a modern refrigeration / heatpump system. We can help you develop your system and meet the demands of the future by:

  • Optimizing your system for optimal performance and refrigerant charge.
  • Migrate into electronic control.
  • Select electronics components (valves etc.).
  • Deliver software control loops integrated into existing control solutions.
  • Embedded integration support.
  • Regulatory support (charge limits, ventilation, Ex etc.)